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Wiccan Clothing

Wiccan fashion is an alternative style that has gained popularity in recent years - but the Wiccan belief system is anything but new. It is an ideology steeped in history, and whether or not you subscribe to this belief system, your right to rock this style remains solid.

Here at RebelsMarket, we believe that unique clothing and accessories are the best way to express your identity. No matter what alternative subculture you identify with - whether it’s gothic, heavy metal fashion, retro styles or something in between - you should be able to wear clothes that compliment your personality, beliefs, and values.

This goes for Wiccan styles too! We are proud to stock a selection of Wiccan fashion - from tops and dresses through to accessories and metaphysical jewelry. Our Wiccan clothing collection is unlike any of the other witchcraft-inspired hippie and boho clothing on the market. This is because we source all of our alternative fashion items from indie designers and retailers across the globe. This means that when you shop with us, you are buying the freshest Wiccan clothing trends available online.

Whether you want Wiccan style dresses to add a romantic element to gothic outfits, or some gorgeous Wiccan jewelry to add to your alternative accessories collection - RebelsMarket have you covered.

Plus, we offer gorgeous Wiccan clothing at various price points. Whether you are on a budget, or you have the cash to spend on high-end pieces, we have something that will suit your style and your wallet too.

Shop now and discover the best Wiccan clothing and accessories available in the alternative fashion marketplace. From regular fit right through to plus sizes, there’s something for everyone.


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How To Style Wiccan Fashion for Every Occasion

Whether or not you are a practicing Wiccan, pagan, or a witch in the making - you can still enjoy the gorgeous aesthetic of Wiccan fashion. This style has its roots in witchcraft and occult-inspired styles. However, it is often considered the ‘white witch’ alternative to more satanic inspired looks, such as harder gothic styles like emo and pentagram fashion.

The types of symbols and motifs you might see with Wiccan clothing are long, flowing skirts, hippie style gypsy tops and natural-looking jewelry. This makes Wiccan clothing a great addition to hippie and boho style outfits, as the looks complement each other perfectly.

For instance, you could buy a Wiccan top and pair it with a long gypsy skirt and a pair of sandals for an instant hippie-chic look that’s great for daytime wear. This look goes great with an oversize scarf and can be made even more casual with a cute cardigan or sweater.

If you want a more dressed-up evening look, then opt for a Wiccan style dress such as a long, flowing maxi or a peasant-sleeved gown. Throw on some boho jewelry made from natural gemstones, and a pair of high heels and you’ve got a dressed up witchy outfit that’s perfect for a night out.

While Wiccan style dresses are a popular item, that’s not to say that pants can’t be part of the trend. Harem style pants are great when paired with some boho sandals and a Wiccan style top such as an off-the-shoulder blouse. This look is great for summer, but can easily be made winter-friendly by layering with a waterfall cardigan and a long gothic coat with a pair of flats.

The point here is that Wiccan clothing can be mixed and matched with other alternative fashion styles to create striking new looks. Whether you want to add a pagan edge to grunge clothing or use ‘healing’ style jewelry and accessories to soften a hard gothic style - Wicca