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Black Leather Jackets

The black leather jacket is the essence of cool. From James Dean to real-life bikers and racers to rock stars, leather jackets broadcast that you're laid back and tough at heart all at once. Whether you prefer the form or function of a black leather jacket, RebelsMarket's mighty selection of men's and women's leather jackets has you covered.

Leather jackets are as individual as the people who wear them. For styles, choose from a basic jacket, racing jacket or bomber jacket. Zippers come in vertical and asymmetrical varieties. Opt for a standing or fold-down collar. Minimal pockets emphasize cool, while many pockets make your jacket more functional. Roll-up sleeves and a belt at the waist or hips are added perks to choose from. Aside from basic black, mix in colored sleeves or stripes as your heart desires.

Women's black leather jackets come in more varieties. Go for a hooded jacket, a fur and leather jacket combo, or one with a V-neck cut in front. Modern leather blazers are a bold addition to your work wardrobe. Men, on the other hand, now have the option of adding leather blazers – whether fully leather, or accented with leather – to their business attire.

Black leather jackets are nothing if not versatile. Whether you're dreaming of a motorcycle jacket, a fall or winter coat, or a cool piece to wear at work and around town, RebelsMarket has a jacket tailored to your personality.


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