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Kawaii Clothing & Accessories

Do you like to look adorable and irresistible at all times? Then kawaii fashion is right for you!

Kawaii fashion mostly referred to us japanese fashion - comes from Japan and signifies everything cute or adorable. Kawaii clothing is playful, fun and inspired by childlike innocence. How to achieve the kawaii look? First of all, big curious eyes and long curly hair are a must! If you don’t have naturally long hair, here at RebelsMarket, you can buy kawaii wigs in different colors at pocket-friendly prices. Next, you are going to need a blouse! Kawaii tops are usually pastel-colored, and also with cute prints such as flowers, fruits or candies. Also, a graphic Tee with a lovely quote is always a good idea! For the bottom, you can choose a kawaii skirt or even shorts! Kawaii shorts are usually frilly, and with details like buttons and suspenders (similar to what Victorian children used to wear).

If you can't be bothered matching your kawaii tops and bottoms, we also sell affordable kawaii dresses! Whether you're petite or plus size, you're sure to find something that fits your shape and style. Kawaii dresses are usually frilly and pastel, decorated with lace and ribbons, and a bell-shaped skirt. Underneath the skirt, you can wear petticoats and bloomers to add volume. Lastly, don't forget kawaii accessories! Headpieces, large Alice bows, colorful socks, ribbons, and lace are everywhere. Find Kawaii bags in different styles such as hearts, unicorns, cats and other cute animals! You can even carry plushies and stuffed animals with you if you want to go all out!

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How To Style Kawaii Outfits

The word kawaii was first used when looking down on someone, but that all changed in the mid-80s when kawaii was used to describe girls instead of pretty and beautiful.

Kawaii culture became popular through cartoon characters such as Pikachu, Sailor Moon, and Hello Kitty. Nowadays, most popular kawaii styles are lolita, decora, sweet lolita and fairy kei. Lolita is perhaps the most famous one. Gothic lolita style includes Victorian fashion with gothic influences. The inspiration for the look can be found in Victorian mourning fashion and porcelain dolls.

To achieve the look of a porcelain doll, start with painting your face as pale as possible. Add dark eye makeup and lipstick. Add false eyelashes, because big doll-like eyes are a must. The hair should be curled or in pigtails. Bangs are also common.

What separates gothic lolita from classic lolita is dark aesthetic and morbid accessories, such as coffins, crosses, rosaries, bats, and skulls.

Sweet lolita is a chic version of the classic lolita. The colors are pastel and bright, usually including pink, blue or violet.

Fairy Kei is also a pastel look that consists of "fluffy" materials, such as soft tutu skirts and comfy sweaters.

Total opposite of the conservative lolita, decora is perhaps the most modern version of kawaii. It means "to decorate oneself". Decora style is loud and edgy and has a '80s pop culture feel to it. Decora girls usually wear bright and neon colors and lots of accessories, such as hairpins across the bangs, neon bangles, colorful bracelets and necklaces, and colorful kawaii tops, skirts, and socks.

Although kawaii fashion is traditionally considered girly, guys can also wear it.

How to wear kawaii fashion today? In the past few years, we can see a more toned down sportier feminine look, for example, athletic Tees with sewn-on tulle details.

Still, the important thing is to have fun and not care what other people think!