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Most of us have stacked several cool leggings waiting to pair them with something sexy someday. If you love to feel comfortable but look stylish, they are the perfect clothing item for you. RebelsMarket offers a wide variety of cool leggings designs that can be paired with just about anything. Whether you want plain black sexy leggings or bold prints and vibrant colors – we've got you covered.

They are the perfect wardrobe staple, worn effortlessly with pretty much anything, from t-shirts to tops and even hoodies. Step up your gym style game with a pair of cool leggings and a tank top. Or keep it casual by going for black or even white options paired with graphic tee shirts.

You'll love the selection we have at RebelsMarket. We offer awesome designs at affordable prices. Our range goes from plain 'casual' leggings to more daring designs, typical of women's alternative fashion. Faux leather leggings for when you're feeling a cyberpunk vibe or ripped pairs if you're going for a punk rock look. We have all your fashion needs in mind.

We curate our collections from alternative designers across the globe. This means that there's a huge variety when it comes to color, style, and size. RebelsMarket offers sexy options for women of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're regular, petite, or plus, we have several pairs that will not only suit your body but will flatter your figure.

Plain or patterned, light or dark – they all have one thing in common. Our pieces are unique since you won't find them in regular stores. They provide a fantastic base piece for any outfit. Shop our selection to complete your alternative fashion wardrobe today and get 10% off your first order!

How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Did you know that 'how to wear leggings' is one of the top fashion searches? With the surge in their popularity in alternative women's fashion, it's easy to see why. People want to know what to wear with them and how to create a relaxed yet comfortable style.

The best thing about them is the fact that they are a diverse piece of clothing. You can wear them with anything! Crop tops, jackets, even dresses – and they are usually pretty inexpensive.

Although they are comfortable and stretchy, there's no 'one size fits all' for this diverse item. If you want to show a bit of leg, opt for knee-length leggings as these are less formal than their full-length counterparts. Or you could opt for Capri leggings. These will reach the mid-calf and are great for pairing with sportswear like hoodies and sweatshirts.

Want to go for a more rebellious style? Try pairing ripped leggings with a leather jacket for an edgy punk rock vibe. Galaxy print and faux leather leggings also work great for achieving the effortless rock chick look.

Tips When Buying Online

(1). Have the desired length in mind

Leggings come in several varying lengths. The three main length variations include;

  • Capri- These reach the mid-calf and are less formal as compared to full-length leggings. Although they have the same function as the regular ones, they are mostly worn at the gym under athletic attires. For more casual wear, they can also be dressed down with long shirts.

  • Knee-length- These reach just below the knee. They serve several functions and are useful in activities like gymnastics, dance, and even yoga.

  •  Ankle-length- These go all the way to the ankles and cover the wearer's entire leg. It is a trendy design that can be worn as regular pants,  workout apparel, or under skirts, dresses, and other closet staples.

(2). Be sure of your size

Different brands size their leggings differently. When buying clothing online, you must consider your size. If you are not sure, you can consult a size chart by checking the chart against your measurements. Be sure to also measure the size of your hips and waist with a tape measure to avoid getting the wrong size. If you get that you are in between two sizes, always opt for the larger size instead of the smaller one as its always a sure fit.

(3). Consider the rise

This tip is not only important to curvaceous women but to all body sizes in general. If you buy leggings online and find them shorter than what you wanted, you can always wear a booty short on top. However, if you can't pull them up, nothing can be done about it. This is why it is important to always consider the rise. This is the area between the waistband and crotch. For instance, if you have a flat tummy and carry a lot of weight on your hips, then going for a lower rise would be a good idea.

(4). Body Size

Did you know that the length of your leggings always accentuates your legs? When worn with high-heels, ankle-length options, for instance, make the legs appear longer and are therefore an excellent choice for any body type. On the other hand, knee-length leggings flatter the legs as they have a wider calf compared to ankle-length leggings. They, therefore, suit those with slim legs.

In terms of color, bright-colored leggings with bold patterns, for instance, always draw a lot of attention to the wearer's legs. They also emphasize more on the lower body by creating a slim look. Dark colors like black tend to flatter all body types as they create a slimming appearance on the wearer's legs.



What to Wear With Leggings

How to Style

  • For a relaxed look, pair with a cropped oversized sweatshirt. You can also throw on a denim jacket in case it gets cold.

  •  For a comfy kind of vibe, wear with a white tee and cool sneakers.

  • If you want a sexier look, dress them down with a black sports bra and platform sneakers. You can go ahead and layer with a long trench coat, and you'll be ready to go.

  • If you want to achieve more coverage, pair your black leather leggings with a long tunic top. Don't forget to top it off with round-framed sunglasses and a baseball cap.

You can mix up your style and create a unique look by pairing your cool leggings with different closet staples. Do this by opting for sexy ones with unusual prints and designs. Bright printed ones for when you want to stand out, or plain black options for when you want to blend in. No matter your style, we have sexy leggings on sale for every occasion. Scroll through RebelsMarket to shop for latest styles and brands at affordable prices.