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Don’t step out with a killer formal look without unique cufflinks. Clearly, what would it profit a man to wear a shirt with an edgy tie then fail to add some touch of class? The 21st century sets rebellious and unique outfits for one to stand out of the crowd. Personalize your style by opting for eye-catching accessories. Count yourself lucky in finding admiration in yourself. Stay sleek and sophisticated by looking no further than Rebels Market, the leading online shop for hot trending outfits and men’s accessories to spice up your daily style.

Cufflinks are the perfect way to accessorize any shirt. Away from the exaggeration, they are probably the best thing that has ever happened to men’s shirts. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs to rock both the official and casual looks. A common assumption amongst men is that there is one specific style of outfit for every situation. RebelsMarket will turn around such thoughts with a careful selection of unmatched men's accessories. As most workplaces have embraced 'business casual' dress code, you have more room to pull out a personalized style. When did you first feel dressy and sophisticated with a pair of cufflinks in place? Probably it happened during a sweaty prom night.

Can cufflinks be put on any shirt? You can use cufflinks on just about any outfit as long as you have a long-sleeved shirt with necessary holes in the cuff.


Men Cufflinks - Stud, Chain link, Bullet back, Silk knot.etc

Types of Cufflinks

Chain link: This has a latch hook which is connected by a chain. Like the fixed backing, there is also a chain link that can be used back and forth is called reversible chain link.

Bullet back closure: This is the most common. It has torpedo-shaped hooks, bullets, or capsules that you can swivel up to 360 degrees. 

Designer: These offer a variety of designs that define unique personalities. Various colorful, metal, stones, glass, plastic, alloy cufflinks are available at RebelsMarket, and you can easily find a piece that suits you.

Silk knot: It is made of yarn and silk. It is used for non-formal events.

Torpedo: They're made of a decorative face with a bullet-shaped back to keep them in place. Just push the back through, and snap into place.

Ball return: This is where the backing is composed of a ball of silver or gold. The upside is that they are very easy to put on, and you get the looseness benefit of the chain-link backing.

Reversible: Usually an appealing design on both sides of the cuff and enables you to switch what is shown on the main side of the cuff, like having two pairs in one.

Fixed backings: They are an extension of the cufflink face. The post and backing are formed from the same piece of metal as the front side of it. The backing does not bend or move in any way.

Personalized: They feature individual initials engraved on the front face of it. They look edgy both on formal and casual shirts as well as suits. 

Stud: They have a single precious stone mounted on a metallic or wooden base. These look great on formal shirts and corporate suits.

Black: They are another unique design that lends a feeling of perspective when combined with bright colors. They create an aggressive color scheme and grab people's attention.

Novelty: They reflect on your individuality or hobbies. For example, if you are a golfer, golf shaped cufflinks would be the best to tell the whole world your passion and love for the particular sport.


How to Shop

Just like with belts and socks, when it comes to shopping for cufflinks, you want to go for a specific color to match your outfits. Going for gold cufflinks would be a good idea if your closet has warm vibes with colors like green and orange.

How to style

Different types of cufflinks can be used, as well, for various events. For instance, you may want to wear novelty cufflinks that state ''Best Dad'' to your daughter's school play, but wear a pair of silk knot ones for dinner with a client. Victorian style, Steampunk, and gothic cufflinks stand out from ordinary pieces for their bewitching designs, patterns and prints never go unnoticed.

Adorn yourself with the two-tone gold silver bullet cufflinks or the classic style black resin skull options. That's a celebrity look. Redefine your style further with the Masonic pieces or the vintage St. Cross cufflinks and add mystic appeals to your looks. More importantly, the right cufflink should be worn for the right occasion. It is a very simple detail in edgy men's fashion, but if done wrong, it could cost a lot and send the wrong messages.

Keen interest is put on the choice of cufflinks, which tells a lot about style and class. Set yourself as one-of-a-kind and classy dresser by opting for wicked punk, Goth or Steampunk cufflinks. Choosing simple square or round shaped cuffs is playing a bit too safe for you rebels, so why not explore your style by rocking them with intricate designs such as guns, propellers, or gothic skulls and skeletons? These have meanings attached to them, allowing you to rock a personalized style to the office.

Bring a meeting to a stand-still by stepping in a grand entrance by simply dressing executively trendy. Match them with your tie clip and draw respect and attention wherever you go. The secret to dressing is paying attention to the smallest details of your outfits. 

Are you a fresh, ambitious, and young entrepreneur oriented towards cutting-edge fashion, yet always mindful of the old fundamentals of hard work? Let your style reflect your attitude and principles. Walk into a room in a fine suit revealing an elegant pair of T-shaped cufflinks, place your briefcase on the desk, and everybody will know you're running things. Let them reflect your youthfulness and zeal with pops of color.

Try out a convertible cuffed shirt with barrel cuff buttons holes on both sides, and exquisite slip-on cufflinks once in a while. The truly stylish man knows that you have got to dress for yourself first, even if it means breaking the rules sometimes. Go ahead and pick the perfect cufflinks for your fascinating style!